Welcome to my website. Using the top navigation menu, you will find information to include my practice location and hours, information about Homeopathy as a natural medicine, what is involved in the treatment of both adults and children and my consultation fees. You will also find various articles which I may like to share with you from time to time, regarding Homeopathic treatment for various ailments.  Please feel free to contact me (details on the 'Contact Me' page) to arrange an appointment to discuss any health concerns or to simply find out more information about how Homeopathy may be able to help you and your family. 

Karen Dowding  BA (Hons) MARH SDSHom


" After my son had been permanently ill with throat infections for nearly 2 years, a hospital admission and some very unhelpful hospital appointments other than being anaemic there was nothing wrong with my son so almost monthly prescriptions of antibiotics was medically considered normal. At 3 he was still too weak to manage a full day, he couldn't ride a scooter, bike/trike, and his legs gave way regularly.  I was at my wits end and a friend recommended Karen. My first appointment I was nervous and a little sceptical as homeopathy was not a route I had ever used before. Karen was so thorough, she listened to all his ailments, she asked what felt  like really strange questions, did he have phobias?  did he bite his nails? Some I couldn't answer I realised I didn't even know. She prescribed his first remedies and I went away to watch this space. He did get sick again and 1 text to Karen with exact description of his ailments and she had remedies in the post. Within 4 months of starting to see Karen he had antibiotics once, that was December 2013, I write this in Oct 2014 and to date he has had no further infections or need for antibiotics, he can manage a full day at big school and ride a bike. With such a huge, unobtrusive and successful outcome, I started taking my very anxious daughter in the hopes her hysterical outbursts, and intense anxiety could at least be dulled. Being a more complex issue to manage, Karen has been so flexible, I text my concerns or problems and she sends a revised remedy out. I would recommend Karen to friends, and wouldn't hesitate to seek her help for future problems. " Jo Willis, Hailsham, East Sussex

"I have been using Homeopathy for more than 10 years. My original Homeopath decided to move onto other things which left me in a position to find someone as thorough and professional as her. This is were I met Karen. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of Homeopathy was a big plus and made me decide to give Karen a try, I am so pleased I went with my feelings. Karen has been supportive, kind and understanding on the many blips we have had with health from my boys. from heart concerns to croup, migraines and kidneys. Karen has been spot on with the treatments she has prescribed. I couldn't be more happy with Karen and I highly recommend Gentle healing Homoeopathy.Tracy, Pete, Michael, Charlie and Lewis Collis, Uckfield, East Sussex



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Homeopathy for Adults - Homeopathy can be used to treat both physical and emotional symptoms. It is a holistic medicine which looks to treat the 'whole person.'

Homeopathy for Children, babies and pregnant women

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Appointments: Home based practice, Uckfield

I practice from my home based clinic in Uckfield, East Sussex