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Like adults, babies and children can, at times, present with physical or emotional symptoms which suggest that the body is not quite in balance. Children may face periods of change in their lives which they may find unsettling, and at times like this Homeopathy may be able to offer support. 

Examples might be a child transitioning from nursery to primary school, or having to adjust to there being a new sibling at home. Physically a child may be suffering from repeated infections, teething troubles, behavioural difficulties, trouble with sleeping.

During a consultation, the Homeopath would ask questions to try and identify the cause behind the symptoms (be they manisfesting as physical and/or mental and emotional symptoms). A prescription would then be tailored accordingly.

I see children both at my home clinic and at Element Health & Wellbeing, Uckfield. My home clinic offers a relaxed environment where the children I treat have access to toys and a toilet if needed.


There may be occasions where a parent/carer would feel more comfortable discussing aspects of their child's case privately and prior to the consultation. In such cases, a phonecall can be arranged to take place prior to the consultation.